Pepe is a hate symbol? Rant


Sorry that I haven’t been posting for awhile guys, just caught up from other things.

So if you guys haven’t heard, the ADL has declared the pepe the frog meme a hate symbol. Might as well say the nae nae summons Satan. You wanna know why? I’ll tell you why. But before I do, I would like to say I don’t have a favorite side in the 2016 presidential election. In my opinion, Trump and hillary are both retards.

So here’s what happened. There was a pepe/trump meme made. You guys could probably find it on Google. Trump decided to show that photo on twitter. Hillary called trump deplorable. So Donald Trump Jr tweeted a photo of the expendables, but instead named “The Deplorables” with the trump pepe meme in it. So hillary decided to say pepe is linked to fascism and white supremecy and some other bs. Mind that because hillary said this, lots of meme creators decided to make a bunch of pepe memes regarding white supremecy, Nazis, and other hate stuff. So the “all holy” ADL decided to dub pepe a hate symbol. Reasoning? Because the number of racist pepe memes were rising. Gee I wonder why! Oh yeah! Because of hillary! So now I wonder if we made enough memes of hillary with the kkk or Hitler, if she’ll become a hate symbol. So I have a request, anyone who reads this, make a meme of hillary with a kkk mask on or a Nazi sign on her so we can see if the ADL will turn Hillary into a hate symbols. Good luck guys!

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The reason I haven’t been posting much is because I’ve been dealing with hackers. My twitter got hacked along with one of my email accounts. I’m hoping it doesn’t reach any farther. I don’t have a clue of who it could be.

Minecraft selfie and skin

I was flying around in a world when I saw a spider jockey. So I took a selfie with it.


Also, I have a few minecraft skins that will fit with my character.

Candy Master

<I will email you it if you like this post and follow my blog>

Ultimate form candy master

<I will email you it if you like this post and follow my blog>

Candy kid


Candy warrior

<I will email you it if you like this post and follow my blog>

Candy girl




Enjoy the skins!

Awesome news!

Thanks to Arnav Dutta (arnavsurvivalcraft), I was able to find a great screen recording app. It’s called mobizen. It’s an app made in Japan that has had over 10 million downloads and a great rating. The only problem was that I didn’t have a USB cable. Until I went outside to now the lawn when I saw a USB cable laying on our front lawn. I think Larry the cable guy answered my prayers, because I also saw a pack of heartburn relief pills next to it! 😂 not really. But the USB cable was there. I’m not sure if it works or not, but it doesn’t seem to be damaged at all. I will probably get to doing let’s plays and maybe vlogs by the summer, when I’m not busy with schoolwork. Maybe I’ll blog at band camp. In the meantime I will be uploading a minecraft pe world. You will need “maps for minecraft pe” to get it. Just search “epic tree house” to find the world. Here’s the app logo and a screenshot of the world.


The big reveal!

Yes, I’m back from my long hibernation! And not only that, but I have revealed my face! Kinda. I completely animated my face. It is very accurate too. You can see it on the “owner” widget. Setting that aside. I am planning on working on my minecraft and survivalcraft worlds. I have been playing and clash royals so much, that I almost forgot about my blog. That’s all for this post! Please like it and if you haven’t yet, please follow my blog! Cya!

The best MCPE seed

I just want to say that this is probably the best minecraft pe seed according to structures. You spawn in the middle of the village. Right next to it is a huge extreme hills/acacia biome. In total, I found 4 villages and 4 pyramids. I have not checked underground. Here are the coordinates for the areas, excluding the village at spawn.

Desert village: x:260 y:66 z:343

Desert village: x:179 y:66 z:226

Desert village: x:-278 y:66 z:73

Pyramid: x:330 y:72 z:26

Pyramid: x:179 y:66 z:226 right by village

Pyramid: x:331 y:68 z:1193

Pyramid: x:-279 y:70 z:1271

Epic overhang: x:478 y:74 z:255

The seed is 390813802.

Don’t ask me why I didn’t have pictures. I didn’t feel like it.💤

Summoners war

Since summoners war is my favorite game, I’ve decided to start posting about it. If you’re interested in playing or is a newbie, you’re more than welcome to friend me. I have a powerful rep. Just comment below your name so I won’t reject your request. I can also help you on rune placement too. If your level 25+, join the guild I’m currently in, Aries_Guard. My summoners war name is Red-ninja99. My channel is 6429.  Here’s my rep.


Great news!

Well, I would like to inform that behemoth valley is back! After a little bit of waiting, I successfully recovered the world completely. The problem is that the space of the world has almost doubled. I is probably because of the 32 bit block conversion. But I should’ve known this beforehand. But it probably wouldn’t have changed anything.

Even though behemoth valley is back, I will also work on behemoth city on minecraft. It will be a medieval theme too. I also need a new name for it. I was thinking the candy kingdom, but that was already taken. So comment on what it should be named. It doesn’t have to be candy related.